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Student Policies 2024-2025

1. The school year consists of 34 lessons, recitals included.

2. No refunds or make up lessons are given for lessons missed due to illness, vacation, other activities, or weather. Any studio announcements will be made via our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @dynamicsoundsnl).

3. Lessons will be suspended for any accounts in arrears of 30 days.

4. Cancellations should be communicated by phone, e-mail, or in person.

5.. If a teacher must cancel a lesson for any reason, to ensure the completion of 33 lessons, the cancellation will be documented and the lesson will be made up before the end of the year. A teacher may also arrange for a substitute teacher if necessary. All substitute teachers have been screened by the director and are qualified to teach your child. A student may choose not to attend the lesson scheduled to be taught by a substitute, but it will count as a cancellation by the student, not the teacher.

6. If a student wishes to withdraw from music lessons before the end of the school year, 4 weeks notice is required, or payment for 4 lessons in lieu of notice. Withdrawal notice must be given to the office (364-1679 or, not the teacher. At withdrawal a closing invoice will be issued outlining all monies paid and/or owing and any remaining tuition will be refunded.

7. Withdrawals are not accepted after March 1, 2025.

8. Online lessons will only occur if there is 24 hours notice given, and only in the case of sickness. Many of our teachers are teaching in the school system or are taking university courses themselves and cannot prepare for an online lesson the day of.

9. Dynamic Sounds promotes an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect. Inappropriate or verbally abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Such behaviour will result in termination of enrolment, as per our withdrawal policy.


10. No outdoor shoes are permitted past the waiting room. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes to wear inside our studios.


11. Dynamic Sounds Music Studio is a scent free environment.  

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