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2020 Watch-Party Recital Q&A

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Q: When is the watch-party?

A: Watch-parties will occur from December 12th - December 17th. Students who come to their lesson on Mondays will have their watch-party on Monday night, and so on. There will be two watch-parties each night (one at 6:00 and one at 7:30). The only exception is Saturday, December 12th - there will be one watch-party on this date and it will be at 10:00am. Your teacher will let you know which watch-party your child's performance will be featured in.

Q: How do I tune in?

A: Your teacher will send out a Google Meet link the morning of the recital. Visit at your assigned time and enter the code.

Q: Do I need a special device to watch?

A: No. The event will be streamed on Google Meet, so any device with internet access (computer, tablet or smart-phone) should be able to access the event.

Q: Do I have to tune in live at my assigned time to see the recital?

A: Yes, you do. The presentation will begin 10 minutes after the start time to allow time for everyone to log in. Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will unfortunately not be admitted to the meeting.

Q: Can I invite family and friends?

A: Yes, we encourage students to invite their loved ones to come watch the event. However, we are asking families to limit their invites to 3 households (the household the student is tuning in from, +2 others). This will ensure that all students and their immediate families can gain access to the event.

Q: Will the watch-party be available to watch after the event is over?

A: No, the full watch-party will not be available to view after the live event.

Q: Can I get a copy of my child's video(s) after the recital?

A: Yes, absolutely. Your teacher will send along your child's videos in the days following the recital.

Q: Are students coming to the studio to watch the watch-party?

A: No, this is a fully virtual event. Please tune in from home.

Q: Are there lessons during the week of the watch-parties?

A: No, the week of December 5th - 11th will be our last week of regular lessons before Christmas.

Q: How long will the watch-party be?

A: The watch-parties will be approximately an hour long.

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