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Guitar Teacher updates for 2021-2022

As many of you know, our fantastic guitar teacher, Ben, will be leaving us after this year to pursue his masters of music at McGill. We are sad to see him go, but are so excited to watch him pursue this next step of his musical career! Good luck, Ben, and thank you for your hard work over the last two years.

We are thrilled to announce that Brianna Lemon will be coming on board as our new guitar teacher in September 2021! Welcome Brianna, to the Dynamic Sounds Family!

Read more about Brianna here:

Brianna is a student and guitarist from Brantford Ontario. Her interest in music inspired her to play and sing, starting her musical training in 2010. During the next few years, Brianna was introduced to classical guitar music, and she began to study classical guitar more seriously under the tutelage of Patrick Feely in 2016. These lessons guided Brianna through her grade six, eight, and nine Royal Conservatory examinations and offered her playing opportunities through the Brantford Guitar Society. She played at Brantford city hall's recognition event in both 2017 and 2016, as well as the Brantford Guitar Society's Future Stars of the Guitar concert series in 2019. Brianna decided to pursue her studies in classical guitar under Sylvie Proulx at Memorial University in the fall of 2019. Through her involvement with the Atlantic Guitar Society, Brianna co-hosted a master class at the Guitar on the Coast event in 2020. Alongside her performance and education opportunities, Brianna has been teaching guitar lessons since 2017. Brianna aspires to continue performing and teaching as she continues her musical journey.

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